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Chicago/Turabian Style: Facts of Publication

The Place of Publication

Chicago/Turabian Style

  • the place of publication--
    • The place of publication is the city where the book publisher's main editorial offices are located.
    • If there are two cities given, include only the first
    • If the city of publication is unknown or could be confused with another city with the same name, add the state abbreviation, or, the country
    • Use a colon after the location
    • the place of publication is NOT included in a journal, magazine or newspaper citation

The Name of the Publisher

the name of the publisher 

  • Give the publisher's name exactly as it appears on the title page
  • Omit the word the in a publisher title
  • If the publisher is unknown, write out the place of publication,(if known) and date of publication
  • the name of the publisher is NOT included in a journal, magazine or newspaper citation

Date of Publication

the date of publication 

  • The Date of Publication always appears after the publisher information in an Chicago/Turbian citation
  • The Date of Publication is usually in parentheses  (   ), except for the bibliographic citation for books, and magazine and newspaper articles.
  • If you cannot determine the date of publication, use the abbreviatoin n.d.
  • If no publication date is provided, but you believe that you know it, you may add it in brackets, with a question mark  [1788?]
  • For books, The Date of Publication is the year only
  • For journals, you must include the year, and it may include a season, a month, or an exact day
  • Capitalize seasons in journal citations
  • For magazines and newspapers, you omit the volume and issue number, and put whatever information that you have for the Date of Publication without parenthesis. ex.  June 2009,   April 15, 2016