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Chicago/Turabian Style: Information Required in a Citation

Information Required in a Citation

Chicago/Turabian Style

1.  Author
 Who wrote, edited, or translated the text (sometimes all three)?

 Title of Source

 the title and subtitle of the work; title of the journal; collection, or series it  appears in

 Facts of Publication

 Who published the text and when?  This includes the

  • the place of publication
  • The name of the publisher
  • date of publication
  • or an indication that the document has not been published


 Where can the text be found? For printed texts, this often means the page  number(s) that the text used is found on. For a source obtained online, a URL or the name of  a commercial database will help readers find it.  For an item from a one-of-a-kind collection, data will include the place where the collection is housed.