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Chicago/Turabian Style: Magazine Articles

Magazine Example

Author's First and Last Names. "Title of the Article: Subtitle of the Article." Title of Magazine, Date of Publication, XX-XX

Magazine Articles

Magazine Articles (17.3)

Footnote: 

Do not include volume or issue number, even if provided.

5. Evarts B. Greene, “American Documents,” Nation, June 4, 1924, 660.


You do not need to include page numbers in the bibliography for magazine articles.

Greene, Evarts B.“American Documents.” Nation, June 4, 1924.

Newspaper Articles (17.4)

Articles cited from a daily newspaper are cited only in the notes section, though you may include it if the article is important to your argument or if you cite it frequently.


6. Jeffrey Rosen, “If Scalia Had His Way,” New York Times, January 9, 2011.

For special article types, such as letters to the editor, consult the Turabian guide.

New York Times newspaper

Image of an old copy of the New York Times Newspaper.