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Chicago/Turabian Style: Webpage

Web Sites

Web Sites (Turabian, 17.7.1)

Include as many of the following elements as you can find:

  • author,
  • title of the page,
  • title or owner of the site,
  • URL,
  • access date.


8. Congressional Research Service, “CRS Annotated Constitution,” Cornell University Law School, (accessed March 21, 2011).

9. “Privacy Policy,” Google Privacy Center, last modified October 3, 2010, accessed March 3, 2011, 


Congressional Research Service. “CRS Annotated Constitution.” Cornell University Law School. (accessed March 21, 2011).

In a bibliography, where there is no author, the source should be listed under the title of the website or the name of its owner or sponsor.

Google. “Privacy Policy.” Google Privacy Center. Last modified October 3, 2010. Accessed March 3, 2011.


In the text of your paper

In the text of your paper:

If the website pages are stable and numbered (as in PDF files), include page numbers with the citation.  Otherwise, do not.


Sullivan suggests that a key reason for stained glass was to provide color to people whose outside lives were colorless and dreary.


New York is the state with the largest percentage of Italian speakers (“Language”).