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Chicago/Turabian Style: Books

Book Example

Author's First and Last Names. Title of the Book: Subtitle of the Book. (Place of Publication : Publisher's Name, Date of Publication) page number


Books (Turabian: 17.1)


  • Give each author’s name exactly as it appears on the title page, and in the same order.
  • List the complete book title, including subtitle, italicized; separate the title and subtitle with a colon.
  • Capitalize all major words in both the title and subtitle
  • Include the city of publication, the state of publication (if published in the US and the state isn’t obvious or mentioned in the publisher’s name), name of publisher,
  • year of publication.
  • Include the pages referenced (guidelines in section 23.2.4).

1. Philipp Ziesche, Cosmopolitan Patriots: Americans in Paris in the Age of Revolution (Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2010), 105-8.


Ziesche, Philipp. Cosmopolitan Patriots: Americans in Paris in the Age of Revolution. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2010.

For special situations, including foreign titles, editors as authors, or special volumes, see the Turabian guide (section 17). For special types of books, such as classic works, sacred texts, or reference works, see the Turabian guide (section 17.5). 

Example of a Book

Electronic Books

Cite electronic books like print books, with the following additions

  • Access date
  • URL or DOI or the name of the Database found in