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Open Educational Resources (OER)

An everevolving guide to assist faculty in finding and using OER

Library Resources As Course Materials

Licensed Ebooks, online magazines & journals, streaming media, and other online resources available through the West Library subscriptions are not considered Open Educational Resources.  These resources are restricted to Texas Wesleyan students, faculty and staff, they do not allow for customization and re-use or redistribution the same way as OER.  Although library online resources are not "open", they are resources you can make available at no cost to your students.  

Please contact our Collection Management Librarian, or fill out the Purchase Request form to let us know what resources you would like the library to have available to your students.

Print & e-Books on OER

Streaming Media

Get Help

Need more help from Wesleyan's Librarians on finding, evaluating, or citing sources?  See the links below for additional information.