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Publishing in Pressbooks: Introduction

What is Pressbooks?

Pressbooks is a WordPress-based online platform for self-publishing books in multiple formats: e-books, webbooks, and print-ready PDFs. The software, which is open source, makes significant changes to the WordPress admin interface, web presentation, and export routines. Although popular with monographs, edited collections, open textbooks, its built-in interactive H5P plug-in also makes it a good choice for Open Educational Resources. 


Please, Ask Us for Help!

If you are an affiliate of Texas Wesleyan University and are having trouble using Pressbooks or other digital publishing resources, you can contact the your OER Librarian for help.

Email Arielle Vaverka at

Reasons to use Pressbooks

  • Low-medium learning curve
  • Downloadable in multiple formats
  • Ideal for monographs, manuscripts, blog-to-book, and open textbooks
  • Similar to WordPress

The Pressbooks Guide to Self-Publishing

What Version Should I Use?


Creative Commons License

Except where otherwise indicated, original content in this guide is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) 4.0 license. You are free to share, adopt, or adapt the materials. We encourage broad adoption of these materials for teaching and other professional development purposes, and invite you to customize them for your own needs.

Example Pressbooks