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TxWes Reads? What's that?

People may recognize The Book Thief before they know what TxWes Reads is. But this year they are the same!

The West library sponsors a campus-wide read every year called TxWes Reads. It's like a year-long book club.  You are encouraged to read the book then come to one or all of the programs designed around discussing the book's ideas and themes. This year’s book is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

How is the book picked? In May, we asked students and staff/faculty to nominate books they thought would make a good campus wide read. From the list of nominees, students and staff/faculty voted.  For a while, The Book Thief and Watchmen had equal number of votes but then Book Thief pulled ahead and finally won.

Join us for the TxWes Reads kick-off on Oct. 8 during free period in front of the library.  There will be readings and giveaways.  You, too, could read a selection from the novel.

There are copies ready to check out in the library and available for sale at the Book Store in Martin Center.


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