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Literature Resource Center along with Literature Criticism Online (LCO) have been integrated into Artemis Literary Sources, enabling researchers, faculty and students to search across the largest corpus of literary criticism, original works, biographies, reviews, work overviews and so much more in order to discover and analyze content in entirely new ways.  This cutting-edge platform features the tools that students, faculty, and researchers require – such as:

  • Detailed subject indexing -  which promotes content discovery across collections, drawing connections that simple search and retrieve cannot achieve
  • Term clusters - showcases topics that commonly occur in relation to the search term, which helps students and researchers uncover hidden connections
  • Term frequency - allows users to see the frequency of their search term(s) in the content over time, which can suggest the importance of particular concepts during given periods

LCO Titles included in Wesleyan's subscription include:

  • Contemporary Literary Criticism Online (CLCO)
  • Twentieth Century Literary Criticism Online (TCLCO)
  • Nineteenth Literary Criticism Online (NCLCO)
  • Literature Criticism from 1400-1800 Online (PNCLCO)
  • Shakespearean Literature Criticism Online (SLCO)
  • Poetry Criticism Online (PCO)
  • Sort Story Criticism Online (SSCO)
  • Drama Criticism Online (DCO)
  • Children’s Literature Review Online (CLRO)
  • Something About the Author Online (SATAO)
  • Twayne’s Authors Online
  • Scribner Writers Series
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