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Study Areas and Rooms

Tables for individual and group study are available on the first and second floors. Individual study carrels with electrical outlets are located on the second and third floors.

Individual study rooms are located on the third floor of the library. These rooms are for individuals only; no group study/discussion in individual study rooms, please. No group study/conversations/cell phone use is permitted on the third floor. Individual study rooms may not be held or reserved.

Group study rooms (2 or more students) are available on the second floor of the library. Group study rooms are first-come-first-served and may not be reserved. Individuals occupying group study rooms may be asked to move for a group needing a room.

None of the study rooms are sound-proofed. Please be courteous to other students by restraining noise levels. Do not leave personal belongings in the study rooms. Items found will be turned in to the Circulation Desk.