Frequently Asked Questions - Interlibrary Loan

Any Texas Wesleyan University faculty, staff or currently enrolled student in good standing with West Library is eligible for Interlibrary Loan Services. A Valid Wesleyan identification card is required when requesting materials.

Generally there is a one to three week delay for receiving requests from other libraries.

The Interlibrary Loan staff will attempt to notify you when the request arrives (either by: (1) email or (2) phone message). You are responsible for checking to see if an item has arrived. If you'd like a status update, feel free to contact the Interlibrary Loan Department at (817) 531-4805.

Articles: Most articles are delivered electronically via email; otherwise they may be picked up at West Library's Circulation Desk (first floor)Books: Most books can be picked up at West Library's Circulation Desk (first floor).

Renewal requests for Interlibrary Loan items must be made four (4) days before the item is due. Due dates and conditions of the loan are determined by the lending library.

Return all Interlibrary Loan materials to West Library's Circulation Desk. Please return items on time in order to ensure that lending libraries continue to share their resources with us.

Wesleyan participates in reciprocal programs that allow faculty, students, and staff to have direct on-site access and borrowing privileges at many Texas libraries. To find a TexShare library near you, go here.

If you can't get the item you're looking for through Interlibrary Loan or TexShare, here are a few other options:

  • Consult with a Reference Librarian for expert assistance. We can help!
  • Request the purchase of the item for West Library using our Contact Us form.
  • Purchase the item yourself.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Libraries may make, send, and receive copies of copyrighted materials through interlibrary loan (ILL) services under Section 108. The sending and receiving libraries must comply with different provisions of the statute.

Requirements of the library making and sending the copy

In effect, the sending library is making the copy for a patron’s private study or research. In that regard, the library should therefore comply with the private study provisions of Section 108 that permit copies of short items and even entire works under defined circumstances. Copies typically requested through ILL include articles, chapters, and other similar works that are encompassed by those provisions of Section 108.

Requirements of the library receiving the copy

For many activities under Section 108, libraries are allowed to make single or isolated copies, and are not to engage in "systematic reproduction or distribution" of materials. However, libraries are allowed to engage in ILL arrangements, so long as the arrangements "do not have, as their purpose or effect, that the library or archives receiving such copies or phonorecords for distribution does so in such aggregate quantities as to substitute for a subscription to or purchase of such work."