Frequently Asked Questions - Bibliography Help

We have quick-guides for many citation styles on our Bibliography Assistance page. For all other questions, please visit or contact the Reference Desk.

The style manuals for APA, MLA and Turabian are in the library Reserves. Please ask for these at the Circulation Desk. There are also additional style manuals available in the Reference Collection on the library's first floor. The AMA Manual is available in our Online Resources collection. Ask at the Reference Desk for more assistance.

For Microsoft Office: Highlight the entire page of your works cited page. Right click on the highlighted area and then select Paragraph from the menu that appears. Select Hanging from the menu under Indentation, Special.

RefWorks is a "citation storage" tool. The way to most effectively use RefWorks is if you use it to store the information about your sources as you do your research. WriteNCite is an additional tool that works with RefWorks to help you create your in-text citations and your bibliography. Both of these tools take a certain amount of time to learn in order to use them effectively. If you are going to be citing more than 15 sources in your paper, RefWorks and WriteNCite can be useful for you. Check out our step-by-step guide to get started, or contact the Reference Department for more help.

There is a step-by-step guide for using RefWorks. For additional questions, please stop by the Reference Desk or email

This is explained in Step Two of the step-by-step guide for using RefWorks. For additional questions, please stop by the Reference Desk or email

The library's RefWorks group code is RWTexwesU . You need to be logged in to Off Campus access and get to RefWorks through the library's webpage in order to access it off campus. Please refer to the RefWorks step-by-step guide for more information. For more assistance, please contact the Reference Department.

To Add a New Citation Style to Your Favorites: Log in to RefWorks. Click on the Bibliography tab and select Output Style Manager.  You will see a LONG list of Citation Styles on the left.  Find yours in the list (i.e., AMA American Medical Association, 10th edition). Select it and click the right-facing arrow to the Add to Favorites box on the right.

After you have installed Write-N-Cite onto your computer, open up Microsoft Word. Select the RefWorks tab at the top of the page and click Log In. This is where you will enter your login code. To find your code, you will need to login to your RefWorks account. Go to Tools, then Write-N-Cite. Scroll down to using Write-N-Cite and copy the long string of letters and numbers under "Write-N-Cite Login Code."  Paste this code into the log in box in Word. Your RefWorks citations will then be downloaded; this may take some time. For more help please refer to the RefWorks Step-by Step Guide.

If you have installed Write N Cite on your computer, but when you open MS Word no RefWorks tab is visible, follow these steps:

1) In Word, go to the File tab

2) Click on "Options" on the left sidebar

3) Click on "Add-Ins" on the left sidebar

4) Under the "Manage" dropdown menu, select "Disabled Items" and click "Go"

5) Select "Write-N-Cite" and click "Enable"

In order to use the newest version of Write-N-Cite you need to have the full version of Microsoft Word on your computer. If you are using the limited, free version of Word that comes pre-loaded on many computers, you will need to use the old version of WNC. If you do have the full version of WNC but are still having issues, RefWorks technical assistance is available by calling 1-775-327-4105.

The Reference Department will help you with internal and reference page citations and paper format for various styles including APA, MLA, Turabian, and AMA. Visit the library's website Bibliography Assistance page for more help, or come to the Reference Desk or email us.  For help with paper organization and writing instruction on identifying and correcting common punctuation errors and grammar problems, please visit the Academic Success Center.