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General Collection

The General Collection supports the curricular needs, intellectual interests, and leisure pursuits of the students and faculty of the university. It can be found on the third floor of the library. This collection is arranged by Library of Congress call number system with the call numbers beginning in the northwest corner and running west-to-east, ending in the southeast corner. All the books in this collection may be checked out.

Quarto/Folio Collections

Library materials that are too large to be shelved in the general collection are shelved in this area with oversized art and music books making up the bulk of these collections. The quarto and folio collections are located on the third floor at the northwest corner of the building.

Curriculum Collection/Curriculum Reference Collection

The curriculum collection is intended to help prospective teachers create curriculum and lesson plans. The collection includes textbooks, curriculum guides, learning activity books, and other related materials. The curriculum reference collection is for library use only.

Juvenile Collections

Juvenile collections housed in the West Library include the Twyla Miranda and Juvenile Reference collections. These two collections are located in the southeast corner of the first floor and are typical of those found in K-12 school libraries.

Twyla Miranda Collection

This gift collection is located in the first row of the Juvenile Collection in the southeast corner of the first floor. The items in this collection have been donated by Dr. Twyla Miranda, a member of the School of Education faculty.

Juvenile Reference Collection

This non-circulating collection on the first floor of the library includes general and specialized encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks, almanacs, yearbooks, directories, statistical and biographical sources, quotation books, atlases, annual reports, and other education related materials.

Online Collection

Like the General Collection, the online collection supports the curricular and intellectual interests of university students and faculty members. This collection contains a variety of online electronic resources, including full-text books and journals.

Fine Arts Collection

The Fine Arts area houses audio-visual materials including records, VHS tapes, and DVDs. All materials in the Fine Arts Collection have been designated 2-hour library/media center use. Students may check out the item at the circulation desk and take it to the Fine Arts Lab on the first floor.

Joe Brown Theatre Arts Collection

These gift materials, relating to all things theatrical, are located on the north side of the reference collection on the first floor. The books are donated by Mr. Joe Allen Brown, a member of the School of Fine and Performing Arts faculty.

Periodicals Collection

This collection includes bound periodicals, current periodicals, microforms, and indexes and abstracts. These materials support the research interests and curriculum of the University. Periodicals are located on the second floor of the library. Bound periodicals are arranged alphabetically by title. Current periodicals can be found along the north wall of the center section of the floor. These are also arranged alphabetically by title. The paper indexes and abstracts can be found in the southeast corner of the floor.

University Archives/Special Collections

The parlor and closed stacks area on the east end of the third floor houses University memorabilia, local history items, and other non-circulating materials. Material in this collection is available from Monday through Friday. Contact Louis Sherwood at 817 531-4822 for more information or to make an appointment.

Methodist Archives

The Methodist Archives, located off the northwest hallway of the first floor, contain materials related to Methodism in Texas, specifically the Central Texas Conference. Please contact Calvin Scott at 817-531-6550 or for more information.