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Kanopy transistion to AVON

Even as our TxWes community struggles during this COVID-19 situation, the West Library’s mission is focused on providing you and our students with high quality academic resources.  As a part of that mission, we have made the decision to switch our academic video streaming service from Kanopy to Academic Video Online - hereby referred to as AVONAVON is run and maintained by Alexander Street Press, which is a ProQuest company.  By subscribing with AVON, we will be able to continue providing you with a streaming service at about half of the yearly cost of Kanopy.   All AVON titles are searchable using the library’s main web page so that you can search for videos using the AVON platform or our website.

The AVON subscription is now active for the Summer 2020 semester.  We heavily encourage Faculty to begin transitioning any Kanopy videos in your curriculum to AVON this summer.  We are working with ProQuest to set up faculty demonstrations; this will give you an opportunity to ask questions and learn how to navigate the AVON database.  CETL and the Library Reference Team is aware of this upcoming change and will be there to help you in identifying resources in AVON.  Starting in Spring 2021 semester, all Kanopy purchases will cease completely and we will have transitioned fully to AVON as our academic streaming service.

We understand that this change may be challenging for those who use streaming services to supplement your curriculum and we want to make it as painless as possible.  To that end, we will have a set budget to continue limited Kanopy usage into Fall 2020.  If you have a specific Kanopy title that you need for use in the Fall 2020 semester, contact the library’s Acquisitions staff at or use the Purchasing Request form on our website by August 15, 2020 so that we can have those titles ready for use. 


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