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Open Education Resources and How the Library can Help

Open Education Resources (OER) is a movement sweeping the educational system.  This idea of creating, sharing and using free and open teaching resources helps save our students a ton of money on purchasing traditional textbooks.  Universities across the world are getting their feet wet in this new possibility, but it does take a lot of work to re-design a course (not to mention the 4 to 5 courses taught by a professor in just one semester).  Creating and finding new content (instead of using textbooks) will not happen overnight, but we can start taking steps toward that end.

The library can definitely help with this process. Here is a link to the library's OER LibGuide.  This guide will help faculty get a grasp on what OER really is and how it makes a difference, get an idea of what other instructors are doing, and connect to a wealth of resources to get started.  

HOW CAN THE LIBRARY HELP?  We can purchase academic texts (print and electronic) and possibly other resources that you want your students to read and study in your courses.  This isn't technically OER because the library does pay for these resources, but your students do not have to pay for them!  And we want to purchase resources for the library collection that will actually be used, so this is a great way for us to collaborate.  

Please complete the Purchase Request form to let us know what resources you need for the upcoming semester (and beyond).  We would love to work with all of our faculty to create the best possible learning environment for our students.  


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